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New Year’s Resolutions


I realize that it’s not January 1 or anything but my life basically revolves around school. So it makes more sense to me, personally, to make changes in my life at the beginning of the school year. Otherwise, I’m halfway through the school year and I’m like “Let’s change my study habits! Or eat healthier! Or workout more! Or read more!” And it’s hard.

I’ve never really done New Year’s resolutions before. I just can never think of anything good or if I do, I don’t remember to do it. But I’m putting it in writing and out on the internet so hopefully I’ll be good this year.

First things first: I want to decrease how often I wear makeup. I honestly love makeup and I love that feeling of being “prettier” and getting to experiment with new techniques. I have nothing against people who wear makeup daily or people who never wear makeup. But the other day, I looked in the mirror and thought that my eyelashes didn’t look as good as they usually did. It took me a while to realize that it was because I hadn’t worn makeup for a couple days and there was no mascara on them.

I didn’t like this. I would way rather look at myself when I am wearing makeup and think “I look special today” than look at myself when I’m not and think “What’s wrong?” So I’m going to try to wear less makeup. I’ll still wear it on special occasions but I’m cutting down on day-to-day wear.

Second thing: touching my face less. One of the reasons I usually want to wear makeup is to cover up my acne. But wearing makeup doesn’t help heal my acne. So I’m getting rid of that. But I also touch my face a lot. When I’m sitting in class, my face is resting on my hands or when I’m stress (which is a lot) I’ll run my hands over my face. I’m really bad about touching zits when they pop up. I’m going to try to change that this year. Fingers crossed.

Change number 3: messing with my nails. So I don’t actually bite my finger nails but I do chew them, again, usually when I’m stressed. I’m terrible about picking at hangnails and loose skin so that they peel away and all I have is a disgusting and painful finger. That’s not fun. Plus, I love to paint my nails and it really stings to put polish on those fingers. I feel like I’m being stopped from what I like to do by this stupid bad habit.

Fourth and final resolution: chewing my lip. It’s disgusting. It hurts. And I only do it because I’m bored or……..STRESSED!!! YAY!!! But yeah, it’s really gross and it really hurts but I do it anyway and I want to stop.

If you didn’t notice, most of these habits come from me being stressed. It’s going to be hard for me to break them. I have a really tough school schedule this year which means lots of stress but I’m going to try because they are stupid little habits that are unhealthy and gross. Wish me luck!

Fun story about my stress. I took this class a week ago where we basically choreographed a dance but I’m really logical and like to have things explained correctly the first time so that I know they are going to work. But my teacher liked to say “try this and we’ll see how it works.” So every time I would ask questions to clarify and make sure that I was going to do it right the first time. He started referring to me as the Stress Ball as a joke. I don’t think he realized how right he truly was.

Another fun little thought in my head right now: I tagged this post “new me” which is making me think of the song that Michael Buble sings called Feeling Good. He says “It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life For me. And I’m feeling good.” That part of the song is my inspiration song for this year.