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I’m a Regular Rapunzel


I’m currently trying to grow my hair out. About 9 months ago I chopped off 12 inches and went with a long pixie. I’m glad I did but I am now missing my long hair. So today I’m going to give you all my haircut tips as well as tips for growing it out.

First of all, if you have never cut off a lot of your hair for a new dramatic look, I highly recommend you do. I’ve done it three times and I’ve loved it every time. It feels really weird and cool to brush your now nonexistent hair or wash it or try to style it. Half the fun is people’s reactions, from “Ohhh I love it!” to “Wow that’s……interesting.” Plus if you cut off enough, you can donate to Locks of Love or other hair donation places. So be daring and cut your hair to shorter than chin length! It’s super in style right now so you’ll fit right in. Plus short hair pairs really well with beanies which you can wear a lot of if you end up not liking your haircut.

Second, if you’re thinking of cutting your hair, I suggest you think about it for at least a month. Sometimes I get in my mind that I want some new crazy haircut but the next week I want just¬† the opposite. So pick out your desired hairstyle and sit on it for a little bit.

Speaking of picking out your style, I have the most success when I bring a picture of what I want. Just print it off and show it to the stylist and you’ll probably get closer to want you wanted than if you try to describe it. And if you can’t find exactly what you want, being in several pictures! Tell them that you want those bangs but those layers but you need that length.

If you don’t get what you want the first time, be patient. I’m going to tell you something that may change the very way you view the world: it’s just hair. Hair will grow out and then you can get what you want. When I first got mine cut, it was all around shorter than I wanted and I was ready to just grow it out back to my previous length. But when I went back to the salon (does Great Clips count as a salon?) and told them that I was trying to grow it out, they actually gave me a cut closer to what I originally wanted. So I stuck with the short hair and ended up loving it! Until I got tired of it.

And that’s the drawback of short hair. There’s not much you can do with it. However, that’s also a good thing. I can wake up in the morning and not do anything but a quick comb through and then be ready for the day. But it can get kinda boring. If you’re willing to invest in some beauty products, you can probably come up with some fun things to do but I was not willing to do that. I will say that YouTube has some cool videos of stuff to do with short hair. And I have discovered a few hairstyles but more times than not they take much too long to be really worth it. Which is ironic because my hair is too short to do anything that doesn’t take a long time.

I have surfed the internet for months trying to find the best tips for growing your hair out faster. You’ve probably seen them all too: hot oil massage, channeling your diet, buying some miracle hair product, etc. But one thing I’ve seen forever and finally decided to is only washing my hair every other day. I resisted for the longest time because I think that you can usually tell when someone doesn’t wash their hair every day and I don’t like how it looks. Plus, I’ve never liked my hair on the second day. But I decided to just do it. I’ve seen it enough places that it must do something good for your hair….right?

So I took the opportunity to start when I got sick. I missed school for three days and basically didn’t leave my house the whole time.¬† From Sunday morning to Wednesday evening, I did not wash my hair. I still showered and I even wet my hair but I did not use shampoo. My hair was disgusting and I really wanted to but I resisted. Then on Wednesday, the day before I returned to civilization, I washed it. And I swear I could already tell that my hair looked nicer. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but my hair looked shinier without being dirty and it felt thicker and healthier. I’ve been washing my hair every other day for a few months now and I honestly really like it. My hair feels thicker and healthier and I’m glad I finally succumbed.

So that’s pretty much all I got. Not much that’s original but I hope I’ve inspired some of you to be adventurous and cut off all your hair. It’s definitely been different and I’m often told that my haircut matches my sassy attitude, so I guess that’s good.

Also, my sincerest apologies for totally dropping off the radar for like three months. School sucks. I’ll try to be better in the new year.