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Haha. myTunes. Like iTunes. But this is a list of my favorite bands. My taste in music is constantly changing so my “favorite” bands change from week to week. So I guess this isn’t a list of my favorite bands but these are the bands that I have loved for a long time. They kind of range all over the place from alternative rock, to Christian rock, to easy listening. But I like them all!

  1. Rise Against. This group is classified by the Internet as “American rock punk band” but I don’t know if I really agree with that. I would mostly classify it as rock and  I love them. Their songs often are about political issues…so if you’re like me and enjoy really listening to the actual lyrics, you’ll probably like them. And their songs have a really nice beat.
  2. Evan and Jaron. They are called “Pop Indie rock” and I pretty much agree with that. The band is two identical twin brothers who sing beautiful harmony and catchy songs. They’ve released a few singles that you might know including “Distance” and “From my Head to my Heart.”
  3. Red. My latest obsessions. I love them. They are pretty much just rock and I think that they sing Christian songs but they aren’t so blatant that you feel like they’re shoving their religion/religious views in your face: it’s more subtle so that you have to actually pay attention to catch what they’re saying. They have the same kind of feeling as Rise Against in my opinion but I love them cause they add more vocal harmony, which I love.
  4. NEEDTOBREATHE. This is another rock band that’s Christian. They’re a little softer rock than Red and Rise Against but they still have that driving beat that I love. Again, they’re not in your face with the Christianity thing. I love them.
  5. Billy Joel. If you have not heard of Billy Joel, I would be very surprised. But a lot of people don’t realize how versatile his music really is. He ranges from bluesy rock to pop to barbershop a cappella! I have his album titled “The Essential Billy Joel” and it is a great collection!!
  6. Gavin DeGraw. I love Gavin DeGraw for his gravelly voice and Soul Rock sound. He’s released several songs on the radio and I am a big fan of his album “Sweeter.” I also like his older stuff but his more recent music has more of the rock beat that I am obviously a fan of.
  7. Fleetwood Mac. Another oldie but goodie. This group has soooo many songs that you would recognize, especially on their album “Rumors” which is my favorite. While I’m not a fan of Stevie Nicks’ voice when she sings solo, she blends really well with the other band members. Definitely give them a listen.
  8. Rob Thomas. You probably know him as the lead singer from the band Matchbox 20, which I also like. But when he went solo, he went for songs that were less rock and more singer-songwriter sound. The lyrics of his songs are beautiful and meaningful, versus Matchbox 20’s which were more of party songs. I always love it when artists go on solo careers and sing a different genre of music.
  9. Michael Buble. His voice is like butter. It’s so smooth, I love it! Only thing is that he mostly does covers of older songs (Sinatra-era) but his original songs are good too. So he’s a modern artist that sings old songs….I don’t really know how to classify him.
  10. Parachute. They are a “Pop rock band.” Again, they have a good driving beat and nice lyrics. Another group that I’ve liked for several years. I don’t really know what to say about them except that I like them.

If you can’t tell, I love Top 10 lists (and rock music). I feel that it’s the perfect number. It’s enough that you get some cool new things to experiment with but not so many that you get overwhelmed. 10 is such a good number.

Also, this isn’t my favorite song or anything but you should listen to this version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. It’s transposed to a minor key and it’s the coolest thing I’ve heard in a long time. The lyrics seem to take on a very different meaning. Plus this dude is a really good singer. He has a couple of other songs but this one varies the most from the original. Check him out.

Are there any other Top 10 lists you want from me? Comment below! I love to hear from you guys.