Lazy Girl’s Hair Care


I don’t spend a lot of time on my hair but I have found a few products that I like to keep in my arsenal. So for all those other girls out there that don’t feel like spending a bunch of time/money on their hair, here’s a list of what I’ve found that’s cheap and effective.

  1. Brush and Comb. This is fairly obvious but I thought I’d just start with the basics. Make sure if you have a boar-bristle brush, don’t use it when your hair is wet because that causes a lot of damage to your hair. Instead, use a comb.
  2. Hairspray. This is one of the few products that I’ve actually narrowed down to my favorite through trial and error. I’ve finally settled on CVS hairspray. I said I’m lazy, but I’m also cheap so this is the perfect combination for me. I prefer the “flexible hold”, as it helps keep hairs in place but doesn’t cause my hair to be crunchy. However, the strength you prefer may be different based on you texture.
  3. Hair-ties and bobby pins. While most girls have these, they can be extremely hard to keep track of. The most successful thing I’ve found it to have a designated container and to always put them there. For bobby pins, a Tic-Tac container works really well.
  4. Blow dryer. Every girl should have a blow dryer. Period. I like to use mine to make sure that my hair is no longer dripping wet.
  5. Straightener. I find a straightener to be super useful in both daily styles and for when you feel like putting more effort in. A straightener can be used for straightening (duh) or for curling (where you can find a good tutorial here). It’s really nice for getting rid of frizz, the ponytail bump, or a random wave in your hair.
  6. Heat protectant. This product is super important if you have a straightener or blow dryer. I do not have a recommendation for you (as I’ve only ever used one) but I would suggest finding one that can be applied to damp hair, not just dry.

Those are the basics for me. Below is a list of things that you can add so be fun, but I don’t think are totally necessary.

  1. Curling iron/wand. These two offer drastically different shapes of curls, both from each other and from the straightener curls. Again, I cannot definitively recommend one or the other (I have three different sized irons) but a lot of people on the internet prefer wands.
  2. Texturing spray. Again, I use CVS brand. I like to use this spray because I wash my hair everyday so I never get the “second day hair” that holds style better. If you’re like me, you may find this product useful when you’re trying up-dos or curls.
  3. No-crease hair-ties. These are super nice if you like to switch your hairstyles in the middle of the day and hate that crease. I would definitely recommend getting off-brand ties, as you can get a lot for a lot less money.
  4. Hair accessories. Purely for fun! It’s nice to have barrettes, clips, headbands, fun patterned hair-ties, etc.

Help this was helpful! If you can think of anything else that you think is a must-have, please comment below!


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