Top 10 Favorite TV Shows


I have a problem with watching TV. I used to pretend that I was OK because it would take me a few months to finish a series on Netflix so it wasn’t that bad, right? Then I realized that I am usually watching 3 or 4 shows at a time so even though it takes me a few months to finish one series, I’ve finished 2 other series as well. I’ve watched so much TV that I’ve decided to share some of my favorite shows with you.

  1. BBC Sherlock So I love this show. It’s more like a series of mini-movies but it’s still good. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes. It’s set in London. Each episodes runs for about 1.5 hours. Unfortunately, there are only 9 “episodes” right now and there is a long span between each season. So by the time you catch up, you’ll still have to wait a long time before the next season comes out. You should still watch it because I love it.
  2. Doctor Who Another British show. This one is sooooo different than Sherlock though. Like, different end of the spectrum. Doctor Who is about a super old alien who travels around space and time rescuing people. If you start watching Doctor Who, you should realize that it’s kinda silly and you just need to accept that. The only problem that I have with this show is that they build up these super complicated, awesome story lines and then the resolution falls a little flat. I think it’s still worth it.
  3. Scrubs Doctors. Sarcasm. Comedy. What more could you ask for in a show? This series is over and done, sadly. My brother and I watched this series in 5 weeks…there’s 8 seasons…I really have a TV problem. There’s also a ninth season where they tried to reboot the series and there are different characters. I never watched this season because it sounded weird. But the first 8 seasons are wonderful.
  4. The Office This is another show that is all over. I haven’t finished watching it but I am currently in season 7 and it’s still going pretty strong. This show is awkward. There will be times that you are cringing from all the awkward. It’s just about a bunch of different personalities who work in one office. The only thing is that I hated the first season. I kept watching because my brother told me I should and I’m really glad I did. I love it now.
  5. Bones This is a show about a forensic anthropologist who uses her smarts to help the FBI with murder investigations where there is nothing left of the bodies except the bones. It’s a pretty cool show because it’s all science-y but it also has romance and humor.
  6. Parks and Recreation Another comedy. It’s kind of along the same lines of The Office and it’s got Amy Poehler so it’s hilarious. It’s about a bunch of government workers who work in the Parks and Rec department for a small town that isn’t that great. It’s currently got 6 seasons and I think it’s going into it’s 7th pretty soon.
  7. Monty Python’s Flying Circus Gosh this show is weird. That’s pretty much the only way to describe it. It’s a sketch show and it’s British and it’s just sooooo weird. Half the time, I have no idea what’s going on and I just accept that. It’s a specific kind of humor and if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But you should give it a try because if you like it, you’ll love it.
  8. Avatar: The Last Airbender This is such a good show and gets so little notice! It’s about this boy that can control all 4 elements and it’s his job to save the world with the help of friends he meets along the way. It only has 3 seasons but it’s perfect!!! I love the characters and the plot is wonderful and there’s all this development and it’s a cartoon. I haven’t started that new series Legend of Korra but that looks good as well.
  9. Once Upon A Time This show is still going on but I see it only lasting a little bit longer. They are going into their 4th season but are running out of classic fairy tale characters. It’s been really good though. It’s about this town that is full of fairy tale characters who forget that they are fairy tale characters and they have to be rescued by the “Savior” and then there’s all these crazy adventures with the fairy tale characters. It’s been pretty good but they’re bringing in Elsa next season so they’re clearly running out of steam.
  10. Psych Another one of my favorite shows. It just recently finished up and I have yet to see the final season, which I think is season 8. It’s about a guy who is so observant that he convinces people that he is psychic and works with the police department to solve crimes. It’s another really funny show.

Those are a lot of the shows that I’ve watched. Most are available on Netflix but some, like Avatar in particular, are not. Hope you’ve discovered some new shows to try out!


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