Just Around the Riverbend


Sorry for leaving you guys hanging for a couple weeks. I’ve been pretty stressed and I just haven’t had enough time to write a post. And this post doesn’t really count, as it’s more “housekeeping” than anything. But I’m gonna tell you a few little updates on me and then some posts that are “just around the river-bend.”

Updates on my New Year’s Resolutions: I’m still terrible about my nails. A few times, my friends have fussed at me (which I appreciate) and that’s helped me be more aware of the fact that I’m doing it, but it doesn’t make me stop. So I’m still working on that. Like I said, I’ve been pretty stressed so my face touching and lip chewing have not improved either. AND, in the last two weeks, I’ve worn makeup three times! One was for school picture day so I’m okay with that. One was just because I wanted to try a new technique, so a little disappointed that I broke down and wore it. And the third time was in the name of Halloween, so that’s totally acceptable.

Speaking of Halloween, that leads me into my upcoming posts. I’m going to be Ursula for Halloween so hopefully before then, I’ll have a post with how I put together my costume and makeup. It’s super easy, the makeup anyway. I’m still working on the costume. Later, I’ll have a post about easy to do nail designs that I’ve tried myself, with any recommendations I have for improvement. Also, I may include a tutorial about a bag that I crocheted, depending on whether or not I can write a good and clear tutorial. Closer to Christmas, I’ll share some of my family’s favorite cookie recipes.

Again, I apologize for being useless these last two weeks. But don’t abandon me and keep an eye out for those posts, sometime between now and Christmas. I know this post is really short and it’s probably full of grammar mistakes (I’m in a hurry) so I am, once again, quite sorry. I really need to get my life together.


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