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Just Around the Riverbend


Sorry for leaving you guys hanging for a couple weeks. I’ve been pretty stressed and I just haven’t had enough time to write a post. And this post doesn’t really count, as it’s more “housekeeping” than anything. But I’m gonna tell you a few little updates on me and then some posts that are “just around the river-bend.”

Updates on my New Year’s Resolutions: I’m still terrible about my nails. A few times, my friends have fussed at me (which I appreciate) and that’s helped me be more aware of the fact that I’m doing it, but it doesn’t make me stop. So I’m still working on that. Like I said, I’ve been pretty stressed so my face touching and lip chewing have not improved either. AND, in the last two weeks, I’ve worn makeup three times! One was for school picture day so I’m okay with that. One was just because I wanted to try a new technique, so a little disappointed that I broke down and wore it. And the third time was in the name of Halloween, so that’s totally acceptable.

Speaking of Halloween, that leads me into my upcoming posts. I’m going to be Ursula for Halloween so hopefully before then, I’ll have a post with how I put together my costume and makeup. It’s super easy, the makeup anyway. I’m still working on the costume. Later, I’ll have a post about easy to do nail designs that I’ve tried myself, with any recommendations I have for improvement. Also, I may include a tutorial about a bag that I crocheted, depending on whether or not I can write a good and clear tutorial. Closer to Christmas, I’ll share some of my family’s favorite cookie recipes.

Again, I apologize for being useless these last two weeks. But don’t abandon me and keep an eye out for those posts, sometime between now and Christmas. I know this post is really short and it’s probably full of grammar mistakes (I’m in a hurry) so I am, once again, quite sorry. I really need to get my life together.


Kanawha Canal Walk


Try saying that five times fast…..I assume you just did. Well that was fun.

I did the Canal Walk in Richmond today for the first time with my family, and I have to say it was an interesting day. The Canal Walk begins in downtown Richmond and goes for about 1.25 miles. Then you turn around in order to get back to your car. So not too long and an easy distance to stroll. There’s several places where you can stop and read about all the historical stuff that happened in Richmond. It was pretty cool.

Overall, I would say I had a really good time today. But, several things went…well, wrong. They just went wrong. It’s kinda fun to laugh about now though.

So first, it’s hot as the dickens outside in Richmond. The high today was 95 degrees. 95. Eww. And my family and I went walking around 11ish. It was really hot. But there was a little shade here and there and we were walking very slowly so it wasn’t completely terrible.

And then there was a detour, which I think was due to some nearby construction. And instead of walking along the actual Canal Walk, my family and I ended up just walking through downtown Richmond. That wasn’t too bad but when you come to walk along the canal, you want to walk along the canal. But we didn’t really realize that we were on a detour and there was no other way to go so we were frustrated that we had somehow gotten lost.

We ended the first part of the walk with lunch at Bottom’s Up. It was sooooo good. I love Bottom’s Up, which has fabulous pizza. If you live in RVA and have never been, go. Now. And only order one slice of pizza, if you order by the slice. They are giant slices of pizza. At least two normal slices, probably more like three. And they are loaded up with toppings. Where can you go wrong?

Lunch was a nice break. We got to sit in air-conditioning and hydrate ourselves and eat some food and it was really nice. Plus, like I’ve said, the food was really good.

After lunch, we set off on the second part of the walk: back to our car. This part of the walk took us less time, since we weren’t stopping and reading as much. It was still pretty warm but there was more cloud coverage so it seemed better. While the clouds were nice to block from the sun, they did give us a little rain shower. It didn’t last too long and it wasn’t hard so it was more a nuisance than anything.

But while it was raining, we were also trying to find the part of the Canal Walk where we had gone on the detour before. And we thought we had found it! But we hadn’t. And it was raining. Once again, perfect conditions. (That was sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell)

The walk after that was wonderful. It was cooler than before and the sun was still behind some clouds. There were only a few other people walking so we didn’t feel all alone but we also didn’t have to deal with people. And we were comfortably full from lunch.

Like I said, it was overall a very pleasant experience. I would recommend going in the fall or spring, where it would be cooler. Or maybe in the evening, when some of the lights are on and I imagine it would be very pretty.  And if you’re a native Richmonder and have never been, you should go.