Old Folks at Home


Hello all! Yesterday, one of my friends came over to my house and we had a crocheting party. Woot! Both of us made slouchy beanies, but we used different patterns. I used this pattern, which requires that you know How to Read Crochet Patterns. My friend used this pattern, which she preferred because it is a video.

For my hat, I used a 6.55 mm crochet hook. I think the pattern recommends a 4.5 mm hook but mine worked fine. Basically, don’t use a really big or really small hook. I don’t think the pattern tells you how much yarn is needed and I didn’t measure mine but I went to AC Moore and bought a bundle that was 426 yards for less than $3 and that was plenty. The brand is Bernat: Super Value and the color is True Grey. This project took me a little over 6 hours.

I found this pattern to be relatively easy. This is my second time making this hat and I was much more confident this time. The pattern I used does require a lot of counting so if you are watching TV, which is what I like to do, make sure it’s not something you need to be paying a lot of attention to. Also, the first time I made the hat, I was worried that I was making it too big even though I followed the pattern, so I started to decrease the rows back to a smaller size. I wish I hadn’t. The first hat still fits me but it’s tighter than I anticipated. The last 4 rows that the pattern includes helps make the hat stay on your head. Do not fear! Follow the pattern!

Saying that, I did make one small adjustment. She began each round by chaining 2. I liked to chain 3. I don’t really know why but I liked the feel of it better… It’s more of a personal thing and does not affect how the hat looks.

Here are some pictures of the outcomes of my crocheting adventure.

This is my hat



And here’s a couple of pictures of my first attempt at this pattern.




Here’s a picture of my first attempt next to this most recent attempt. The grey one is slightly longer but they look pretty much the same when I’m wearing them.


Because this is my second time making this hat, I tried to weave in the ends so that the hat looks more neat and holds together better. I think it just adds something and makes the hat look less home-made.

If you liked the pattern that I used, make sure you go over an check out her wonderful blog, Little Things Blogged. It’s one of my new favorite blogs and has lots of inspiration and easy-to-follow crochet patterns.

Also, while my friend and I crocheted, we watched several movies. They were good chick-flicks perfect for a day in with a friend. We watched Ever After (an interpretation of Cinderella), Hairspray (the newer version), Clueless (I don’t really know how to describe this. It’s good though). All around, day well spent. Do you have any crochet projects that you are just dying to share? Comment!

Side-note: If you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to come up with clever titles for the posts I’ve been….posting. There will come a day when I will no longer be able to think of clever titles, but it is not this day!!! (That’s a Lord of the Rings quote, because I’m cool like that.) Anyway, I wanted to explain my post title because it’s terribly clever. “Old Folk at Home” is an alternative title to the tune that you probably know as Swanee River. I’m also making fun of my friend and I, who stayed at my house all day and crocheted…like old ladies. Now that you are aware of how clever I am, you may go.


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