Beginner’s Luck


In preparation for starting my blog, I’ve spent the afternoon reading my best friend’s blog. It took a long time and I’m nowhere near done. It was an interesting afternoon. I tend to spend my afternoons watching TV and this was a nice change of pace. Plus,  I realized a few things about her.

1. She’s Weird. Like really weird. She’s a dork and a nerd. That being said…

2. We’re exactly the same. Yeah it’s true. And totally embarrassing.

3. We’re totally different. I know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t you just say that you’re exactly the same?” I did. And we are. But we’re also completely and absolutely different. I don’t understand how it works either.

4. I don’t talk to her enough. I realized that I miss her and I no longer know every detail about her life. It’s upsetting. I guess I’ll just have to continue creeping on her on her blog in order to know everything about her daily life.

5. We are living the same life. Everything she’s written about, I’ve pretty much experienced. We experimented with the same DIY projects and seen the same things on Pinterest. We hate and love the same classes and feel the same way about our relatives and friends. We’ve read the same books and pretty much have similar opinions about them. It’s creepy, reading about my life from someone else’s POV.

6. She’s so cliche. I think it’s funny. She has some super sappy and cliche posts and it makes me laugh. And I love that she totally knows it.

I realize that this list isn’t very long list but I already knew a lot about her. Plus it’s my first post so give me a break. Also, you can read her awesome blog here!


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