A Night at the Theatre


I actually went to see a movie this afternoon but I like the sound of “Night at the Theatre” more than “Afternoon at the Theatre.” Anyway, today I went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy. This was literally opening day and I don’t usually go see movies on opening day but this movie looked freakin’ awesome. Plus, I know and love Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation (which is a show I recommend) and I wanted to see him in a different role. So I guess this post is kinda a movie review. Warning: I’m terrible at reviewing movies because I just really love movies. Also, I will triple-check this post to make sure there are no spoilers! I hate spoilers.

First of all, if you’ve never heard of this movie, it’s about a bunch of misfits who come together in order to save the universe from a super evil, power-hungry, (should that be hyphenated? or is it a dash?) alien dude. And that sounds sorta cheesy but it’s the most recent Marvel movie so it’s gotta be awesome right? Right. And it has Chris Pratt in it who is probably most known for his role in Park and Rec where he is goofy and hilarious and as the voice of Emmet in the Lego Movie so you know the movie is gonna have humor. Right again.

I loved this movie. It had really good action sequences as well as a good plot. I hate it when I go see an action movie and they just have fights just for the sake of having a fight. It drives me insane. But this movie didn’t do that, so it was good. It was also hilarious. I don’t really know how to describe the humor but it’s funny. These people are aliens so they don’t understand common Earth sayings and take them literally. So that’s pretty funny.

So to sum up my thoughts on this movie: it was awesome, it had really good action sequences, it was funny. I would say that makes a great movie. Did you go see it? What did you think?

And I know that I spell theatre like “theatre” instead of “theater” and I looked it up. Apparently, it is not wrong to use them interchangeably however the most common distinction is that theatre is used for live performances and theater is used for like movie theaters. But I don’t care because I like spelling it weirdly.


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